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The Big Picture

Now it's possible to duplicate the cinema experience right in your home.  Nothing defines the Movie Theater more than a big picture.  The RKR HTPC reproduces the theater atmosphere so that you can get the most from your Audio/Video equipment. 

Amazing DVD Scaling meet High-Definition TV

The Home Theater PC offers spectacular DVD scaling.  The phenomenal popularity of the DVD format and it's parallel development with the PC has created a formidable competition to the traditional high-end A/V industry.  The benefits of the HTPC to the Front Projector and Plasma is unrivaled in price to performance, providing the ability to upgrade and out-perform with each subsequent advancement.  Add High-Definition TV to the mix and squeeze out the most from the available technology today.  Record HDTV even when you'll not at home, and watch it later with friends and family, the HTPC will amaze you with its versatility and agility. 

High and Native Resolutions

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Today's HDTVs, Front Projectors and Plasmas require proper video processing that matches or exceeds their ability to get the most out of their performance capabilities.  The RKR HTPC is pre-configured with the highest resolutions available for variety of display types, ready to accommodate even the latest break-through in digital technology.

720x480 - Rear Projection HDTV and Plasma
960x540 - Rear Projection HDTV (1080i)
800x600 - SVGA Front and Rear Projectors
1024x768 - XGA Front Projectors
1280x720 - Front and some Rear Projectors (720p)
1280x1024 - Front Projectors
1360x768 - Front Projectors
1360x1024 - Front Projectors
1440x960 - Front Projectors
1600x1280 - Front Projectors

The interpolated image from the RKR HTPC is pre-configured at the optimal resolution to produce smooth and detailed image full of vibrancy and free of scaling artifacts.   No matter what the resolution requirements, the HTPC is flexible enough to customize to fit your needs.   Affordable and simple to use RKR HTPC is the ideal addition to your high-performance theater. 

Benefits of custom resolutions

What is the benefit of custom resolutions and timings?  For rear projection display owner, it's is simply the ability to run the HDTV at a slightly higher resolution, and the ability to eliminate overscan which is common in these displays.  For the front projection owner, it's the ability to define both 4:3 or 16:9 desktop resolutions so that there's no need to save different memory settings.  For DILA, Plasma, and other non-standard PC resolution projectors, the ability to specifically define the proper one-to-one pixel mapped image at the native rate of the projector.


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