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Display Technologies and the Home Theater PC

Whether you use CRT or today's digital displays (LCD, DLP, DILA), the HTPC will meet and exceed the resolution requirements to bring life to the big-screen.   Pixel for pixel, no other technology gives your the flexibility to make your display sing like the HTPC.   Listed below are the benefits of each technology used with the RKR HTPC.  

CRT Rear and Front Projection displays

By far still the most popular displays type in today's home theater, this traditional display technology still produces some of the best images available today.  The reward for the CRT equipped theater is rich and vibrant color with full range details and true black output, resulting in the most pleasing picture with flexibility to be configured to multiple scan frequency ranges.   DVD video can be played at non-standard resolutions to fit the screen format whether you use standard or wide screen.  Whether you use 7", 8", or 9" CRT, the RKR HTPC can feed it the optimal resolution or "golden scan frequency" that produces the best images optimized to your needs.

LCD Front or Rear Projection displays

Today's LCD front projections systems are much lighter and smaller but offer extremely high resolutions.  The weakness of these displays for the Home Theater is often the very poor scaling permance of these lightweight units.  To make the video shine, the best solution is to feed the display images in it's native format.  Whether it's SVGA (800x600), XGA (1024x768) SXGA (1280x1024), or even the unusual UXGA (1366x768), you can easily customize the output to meet your projector's needs.   The HDTV tuner/decoder in the HTPC can output down-converted 480p, standard 1080i, or standard 720p resolutions, whatever your LCD projector can handle. 

DLP Front or Rear Projection displays

seleco_ht300.gif (22619 bytes)This is indeed a very exciting time for those considering DLP (Digital Light Processing) displays.   Texas Intstruments technology has catapulted to phenomenal popularity in the Home Theater, offered by variety of companies from Yamaha, Seleco, Sharp, Runco, InFocus, NEC, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Panasonic, the list goes on.  Offering perfect convergence with edge to edge image fidelity, the advancements in the DLP benefits today's digital Home Theaters.  Ideal for limited space with simple installation and maintenance, the PC compatible DLP is poised to take the Home Theater world with vibrant and rich colors as well as it's ability to display spectacular HDTV images.  



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