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Titan HD™ Rackmount with HDTV Decoder/Recorder
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Now available HDTV Recorder and Removable Hard Disk

Video Demonstrations and Presentations

Digital Video delivery is complete with the introduction of High-Definition TV to the PC.  Displaying high-definition video in 480p, 1080i, and 720p, the Titan™ HD is the the ultimate video playback system for presentations and demonstrations.  With pre-defined and custom configurable settings for the widest variety of digital displays, the Titan™ HD is the ultimate scaler box for LCD/DLP/D-ILA front and rear projector and Plasma displays.  The PC architecture is ideal for use as video processor, presentation PC, studio demonstrations, and video editing with DV upgrade. 

Integrated with RKR's EZ-Selection menu system makes the Titan a powerhouse, and yet is simple to operate with configurable IR Remote Control interface.  

Now with 24-bit 96kHz Audio! 

Titan HD offers pro-caliber sound card with mixer capability for studio environments for use with today's popular audio editing software.  Utilizing high-quality 24/96 enhanced sound system and dedicated video storage disk, Titan HD is the perfect foundation for high-performance workstation with easy upgrade and integration of Digital Video Editing formats .   With Digital Coaxial (S/PDIF) and Toslink outputs, the Titan HD offers flexibility in output source directly into sound systems or integrated with switchers.  Built with industry standard Rackmount Chassis, installation and integration is a breeze. 

                         sk7100sm.gif (10763 bytes)Powered by an Intel's Pentium® 1GHz and ATI's Radeon video processors, the Titan™ HD is the total solution to your multimedia from RKR Video, the experienced leader in PC based A/V technology.

RKR Titan™ HD Specifications:

blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  1GHz Pentium® III Processor and 256MB of RAM
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Pre-Defined and Custom Resolutions for digital projectors
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Up to 1080 Progressive DVD playback
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  High Definition output at 480p, 1080i, or 720p
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  40GB Primary and 75GB Secondary Removable Hard Disk 
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Dolby® Digital  AC-3 and DTS™ Cinema
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  24bit-96kHz Digital Audio Card output via S/PDIF
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  MP3 Digital Audio Player and Recorder for MP3 Jukebox
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Progressive Scan DVD output via RGB
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  3rd Generation DVD-ROM for Video and Data
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Internet Access via 56K Modem / cable modem ready
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Wireless keyboard compatible with IR Learning Remote
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Universal Serial Bus ready

Optional Accessories:
CD-Rewritable Drive for Disk-to-disk copy
DVD-Recorder Drive for 4.7GB format disk storage
Upgrade to Delta 1010 digital studio sound system
IEEE 1394 Firewire Ports



  RGB Output

  HDTV Decoding

  HDTV Timeshifting

  Program Guide*
   *Internet access required for
    service. Included with 1 year
    subscription to accessDTV™

  Progressive Scan DVD

  Dolby Digital and DTS

  Hi-Performance 3D Games

  Digital Jukebox

  MPEG1/2 Video Playback

  Video CD

  DTS and 24/96 DAD Music

  Internet Explorer

  CD/MP3 Jukebox


  RGB (VGA 15-pin) Output
  Antenna/Tuner for HDTV
  Antenna/Tuner for NTSC
  S/PDIF and Toslink
  Component HDTV Output
  Analog Audio Output
  USB Port
  Serial Port (RS232)
  Printer Port