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RKR Callisto Specifications:

  • ht_button.gif (554 bytes)  Progressive Scan DVD output via RGB
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   480 Progressive output at 60/72Hz Vertical Scan
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   High Performance 3D Arcade Style Gaming
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   Dolby Digital Audio AC-3
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   Dolby Pro-Logic and SRS TruSurround
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   S-Video and Composite NTSC output to TV
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   3rd Generation DVD-ROM for Video and Data
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   Internet Access via Modem
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   Cable Modem Ready

The Callisto Digital Home Entertainment System was created to be an ideal companion for today's Widescreen, Big Screen, Plasma, and Progressive Scan Displays and the upcoming RGB capable DTV/HDTV displays. Able to display DVD in Widescreen (Anamorphic), Pan-and-Scan, and Letterbox formats, this unit is also capable of reading all formats of media including VCD, CD disk, CD-R, DVD Video, and DVD data. Offering Arcade Quality 3D gaming and uninhibited internet access, the RKR Callisto DVD Player offers a complete entertainment solution rooted into digital technology.

Future upgrades available or planned include Cable Modem (where available), TV Tuner, HDTV Decoding, and multiple camera Home Security and Monitoring modules.