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Spectacular Progressive Scan DVD at unbeatable price! 

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                         sk7100sm.gif (10763 bytes)The Cassini™ is the ultimate value in Home Theater, ideal for direct-view and front projectors that benefits from better than standard resolution output.  Today's big screen digital television is made simple with the use of EZ-Selection menu, providing the high-fidelity image quality, full-featured connection to the internet, and fully integrated digital audio output.   The multi-frequency capable Cassini the latest jukebox features for MP3 and Audio CD file storage, media file playback capability, and the most satisfying big screen experience with Progressive Scan DVD playback far exceeding the resolution of the standard set-top player.    Artifact free "whole frame" images benefit from the functions built into the player, providing control over black and white levels, color saturation, and hue control.  

Powered by an Intel's Pentium® III processor, the Cassini is the tried-and-true solution to your multimedia and home theater needs.

RKR Cassini Standard Specifications:

  •   Progressive Scan DVD output via RGB
      480 Progressive output at 60/72Hz Vertical Scan
      Interpolated DVD images up to 768p (1024x768)
      Dolby┬« Digital  AC-3 and DTS™ Cinema
      Digital Audio via S/PDIF
      MP3 Digital Audio Player and Recorder for MP3 Jukebox
      S-Video and Composite DVD output to NTSC Television
      3rd Generation DVD-ROM for Video and Data
      Internet Access via 56K Modem / cable modem ready
      Wireless operation and IR Learning Remote Compatibility
      Universal Serial Bus ready

Optional Accessories:
CD-Rewritable Drive for Disk-to-disk copy