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Cassini™ HDS Promotion 

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The Ultimate Home Theater PC.  Everything's in the box!

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The Cassini™ HD is RKR Video's call to the digital frontier of convergence.  Progressive Scan DVD HTPC meets HDTV Personal Video Recorder, a powerful combination for High-Performance Home Theater.    The Personal Video Recorder features the ability to pause live DTV video, Instant Replay, Skip forward, and schedule recording.  Store and watch High-Definition TV at your leisure.  Ideal companion to RGB based high-resolution displays, the Cassini™ HD is the perfect source of entertainment for today's audio/video formats.   

DVD Video brings life to the Home Theater with Dolby Digital and DTS Cinema multi-channel surround sound.    The Cassini™ HD supports high-performance 3D gaming as well as the ever-popular MP3 Jukebox.  Navigating the Cassini™ HD is made simple with the use of EZ-Selection menu with one click program selection.  Audiophile quality sound is available with the ability to play 24-bit/96kHz music formats.  

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Powered by an Intel's Pentium® III processor and ATI's Radeon graphics engine, the Cassini™ HD is the total solution for your multimedia and home theater from RKR Video, the experienced leader in HTPC technology.

RKR Cassini™ HDS Specifications:

blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  866MHz Pentium® III Processor and 256MB of RAM
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Pre-Defined and Custom Resolutions for digital projectors
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Up to 1080 Progressive DVD playback
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  High Definition output at 480p, 1080i, or 720p
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  60GB of Hard Disk Storage
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Dolby® Digital  AC-3 (DTS available with PowerDVD)
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  24bit-96kHz Digital Audio Card output via S/PDIF
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  MP3 Digital Audio Player and Recorder for MP3 Jukebox
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Progressive Scan DVD output via RGB with ATI Radeon LE
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  DVD-ROM for Video and Data
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Internet Access via 56K Modem / cable modem ready
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Wireless keyboard compatible with IR Learning Remote
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)  Universal Serial Bus ready

Optional Accessories:
CD-Rewritable Drive for Disk-to-disk copy



  HDTV Decoding

  HDTV Timeshifting

  Program Guide*
   *Internet access required for
    service. Included with 1 month
    free subscription to optional
    accessDTV™ EPG service.

  Progressive Scan DVD

  Dolby Digital and DTS

  Hi-Performance 3D Games

  Digital Jukebox

  MPEG1/2 Video Playback

  Video CD

  DTS and 24/96 DAD Music

  Internet Explorer

  CD/MP3 Jukebox


  RGB (VGA 15-pin) Output
  Antenna/Tuner for HDTV
  Antenna/Tuner for NTSC
  Component HDTV Output
  Analog Audio Output
  USB Port
  Serial Port (RS232)
  Printer Port