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Titan HR™ Rackmount

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Pure performance from 480p to 1080p.  
Now available with DTS CD and 24/96 Audio!

The quintessential progressive scan DVD player enters the high-resolution revue with the Titan HR, special edition high resolution model ideal for use with HDTV capable high-performance Front Projectors.   Entering the 750MHz arena, the Titan HR™ DVD player offers true aspect ratio capable frequencies, ideal for widescreen 16:9 displays in all formats, including DILA, CRT, LCD, and DLP.  The true 16:9 native resolution allows for correct aspect ratio presentation of PC and DVD in sharp and vivid image.  Integrated with RKR's EZ-Selection menu system makes the Titan a simple to operate powerhouse, loaded with enough performance for high resolution mind shattering 3D gaming, DTS™ CD-Audio playback, internet browsing, and unrivaled 1080p DVD output.   See the Titan™ HR today for the most spectacular Home Theater experience.

Now with 24/96 Audio! 

The latest addition to the Titan offers professional quality digital audio for the ultimate sound quality.   Utilizing the best components available from the studio environment, the 24/96 enhanced Titan offers rich audio performance with the industry's first, DTS CD-Music support from HTPC.  Whether it's Dolby Digital or DTS multichannel,   or 24/96 stereo in analog or digital, the Titan will enrich every sound format with it's revolutionary DACs offering the richest and distortion free sound available from the PC. 

Titan HR Video Specifications
Titan HR Audio Specifications


  • ht_button.gif (554 bytes)  Progressive Scan DVD output via RGB
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   480
    -1080 Progressive Scan output at 60-200Hz Vertical Scan rate
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   Superior DVD scaling at up to 1080P (Progressive) output
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   Dolby® Digital and DTS™ 5.1 channel DVD audio via Digital Coax
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   True Digital Audio output of  CD-Audio and MP3 via Digital Coax
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   The industry's first DTS CD Music support in 20 or 24-bit
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   True 24bit/96kHz capable audio processor
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   Digital input for Recording to Hard Disk
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   2   Coax (1 in/1 out), 2 optical (1 in/1 out) 1 analog L+R  output
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   Internet Access via 56K or Cable/DSL Ready 10/100 NIC
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   RGB (VGA DB15)
    ht_button.gif (554 bytes)   IR Keyboard and Mouse for easy navigation

  • Titan™ HR Hardware Specifications:

  • Intel Pentium® III 1GHz Processor
    256MB RAM
    45GB Hard  Disk
    DVD/CD-Recorder Drive
    nVidia® GeForce 2 GTS processor with 32MB of Double Data RAM
    56K modem v.90 or 10/100BT Network Interface
    Digital Audio Interface with Digital Coax and Toslink for audio-in/audio out
    Analog RCA (L+R) audio out
    Digital and Analog Audio for CD, PC, and MP3
    CD Music (WAV) and MP3 Digital Jukebox
    Wireless Keyboard and Mouse