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Digital Entertainment and the Home Theater PC

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Viewing HTPC produced image on 3-chip DLP projector at NAB1999

RKR Video's Basics of the Home Theater PC (HTPC)

Introduction of the DVD format has been a catalyst to the growth of the Home Theater.  The Home Theater landscape today is a mixture of very sophisticated electronics components that make up the sound and vision of the pristine DVD format.  Why choose the HTPC to drive your theater?

The evolution of the Personal Computer to HTPC has been tied to the introduction and growth of the ever popular DVD format.  The HTPC with it's unprecedented processing power can enhance the resolution with it's scaling capabilities, producing artifact-free big picture like no other device.  Coupled together with affodable price and future upgradability, the HTPC is a serious contender in today's high resolution home theaters.  One look and you'll be sold on the image quality produced by an optimized Home Theater PC.   Enhancing the experience with easy user interface and professionally calibrated video settings, RKR Video products minimizes set-up for the novice and videophiles alike.

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EZ-menu makes navigation and remote control programming simple.  Pronto CCF file available.

The amazing scaling capability of the PC forms the core of RKR Video's Digital Entertainment systems .  Featuring customizable timing and resolutions of extraordinary precision, the HTPC delivers flexibility and the highest fidelity to today's HDTV, Plasma displays, and Front Projectors.  Versatility and modular design provides the foundation for future upgrades, easily performed with RKR's Upscale™ program. 

The home theater has never been so versatile as the RKR HTPC.   Add firewire connection for to enhance your Home Video viewing and 200 Disk DVD-Changer, create Music Jukebox, play the latest 3D Video Game, enjoy the high-resolution audio performance, or surf the web for the latest Home Theater news, the possibilities are endless.  Easy implementation of home networking, automation, and communications makes this a valuable tool in integration to the wired home and commercial installations.   Call a dealer near you to squeeze the very last bit of image quality with the RKR Video Home Theater PCs.

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