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Features of the RKR Home Theater PC

The Home Theater PC is a versatile system, offering a gamut of features from collecting e-mail to High-Definition recording.  Future upgrades can easily be added to the Home Theater PC with RKR's Upscale™ program, offering years of usability with flexibility to perform the tasks that we have come to expect from our Windows based PC.   

HTPC Standard Features:

DVD Playback
DVD Special Features
CD, DTS CD Music, and 24/96 DAD playback
Internet surfing via 56K, Cable, or DSL Modem
3D PC Gaming
MP3 Jukebox and Music Storage
Customizable Resolutions and Timings
Emergency Recovery Disk for easy user re-install
All other Windows OS program features

Optional Features:

HDTV timeshifting and playback
Removable Hard Disk for HDTV program storage (not available on Callisto)
CD-Recorder for Music and Data
DV Video Editing
200 Disk DVD-Changer


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